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Raleigh Grand Prix Vintage Road Bike, 61 cm, Blue

Raleigh Grand Prix Vintage Road Bike, 61 cm, Blue

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This bike is in poor condition. It needs a chain and handlebar wrap, and has some scratches and rust.

This bike is part of our Customized Bike Projects collection, meaning it's a used bike that's not currently ready to ride, but is a great starting point for a fixed up/customized bike! Here at Cycle & Coffee, we love breathing new life into old bikes (because we love old bikes, and we love the Earth ♻️). We value affordability, functionality, and creative expression - we want to help you create a bike that's true to you, tells a story, and will get you excited to ride!

Are you wanting a bike but not sure what to choose or where to begin? No worries! Start here to begin envisioning your project, and our team of enthusiastic bike mechanics will help you bring it into reality! Prices vary based on the bike and customization options you choose.

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