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Cycle & Coffee

Book an Appointment - Test Rides, Consultations

Book an Appointment - Test Rides, Consultations

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Our shop, Cycle & Coffee, is located at 4013 Leary Wy NW, Seattle, WA 98107 in Fremont, near Ballard.

We've got plenty of parking and are located right off the Burke-Gilman bike trail for easy test rides. 

We also recommend taking the bus if you think you might want to ride your new bike home. We're very close to stops for the 40 and the 28.


We're open 6am-2pm on weekdays, and 7am-2pm on weekends. (Yes, early because we are also a coffee shop!)

Appointments are between an hour after open and an hour before close, to allow a cushion for our opening and closing process. 

Booking a test ride appointment

If you're local to Seattle and shopping for a bike, we recommend booking a test ride to make sure your bike fits you and feels like what you want. Appointments must be scheduled at least a week in advance to ensure we have time to get the bike ready for you. If it happens to be ready sooner we can let you know!

Can I test more than one bike?

Yes, but please limit yourself to 2 bikes to start off, and we can discuss further options from there if needed.

Why do I have to wait a week+?

Most of the bikes we have for sale are located offsite at our warehouse, so we have to transport bikes over for your appointment, and all test rides are at our customer-facing storefront. 

Because we have so many bikes for sale, and most of them are used or older stock, we go through every bike before a test ride to make sure it's tuned up and ready to ride. This can be anything from a safety check and putting on pedals, to a full tune-up, depending on the bike (the condition is usually mentioned in the bike's description).

Unless a bike has just recently been test ridden by someone else or is already at our shop, a week is a quick turnaround for us to get you on a fully functional, affordable bike of your choice with a 30-day mechanical guarantee. Thank you for your understanding & patience.

Bike Shopping Consultation

If you're not sure where to begin with bike shopping, we can help. Tell us a bit of information about yourself and what you're looking for (height, budget, type of riding, any known preferences), and we can put together some options to discuss with you. 

Shopping consultations require 3 days notice to ensure we have time give your case the proper attention/advance research. 

Right now, Summer is handling all shopping consultation appointments. If the available times don't work for you, you can send us an email about what you're looking for and she'll get back to you that way. 

Bike Customization Consultation

Whether you have a bike already or you're buying one from us, you will likely want to customize it to suit your exact needs! Whether that's adjusting the fit for a comfortable riding position, getting your lights and bells installed, or setting up fenders and racks for commuting or touring. 

If you're booking a customization appointment, please share what bike you want to customize, and what kinds of customizations you're looking for, so we can come prepared with some ideas. 

Please note that most customizations will require you to drop the bike off and come back to pick it up when it's ready.

Bike Service Consultation

Seeing your bike in person is an important way for us to properly assess what it needs and how long it will take us to repair it. If your bike only needs a quick fix, we may be able to fix it on the spot during your consultation or with a quick turnaround time. If it needs special order parts or a full tune-up, we will likely at the time of your consultation schedule an appointment for you to come back with your bike. 

As of 6/7/24 we are generally seeing a turnaround time of about 2.5 weeks for full tune-ups, and less for quick fixes. Turnaround time varies based on our current volume and the complexity of your case. 

Reserve a bike

If you're eager to get a certain bike that you're pretty sure will fit you and want to take it off the market, you can purchase it for pickup via the product page on this website, and we can use your appointment time to pick it up, try it out and talk about customizations. If you're local and you purchase a bike online and don't end up liking it when you try it in person, we can refund you for store credit towards a different bike, upgrades and/or repairs.

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