Coffee Shop

coffee drink and breakfast burrito

Visit your friendly local coffee shop! Whether it's a drive-thru pit stop on your commute, a refreshing break during your Fremont stroll, or a quick energy boost after biking the Burke Gilman trail, Cycle & Coffee baristas are eager to serve you.

Coffee Shop Hours


Mon-Fri: 6am-2pm
Sat & Sun: 7am-2pm

We are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day

Address: 4013 Leary Way NW Seattle WA, 98107

Food & Drink Offerings

Savor coffee & espresso drinks made with beans from Washington's Seven Coffee Roasters, along with teas, lemonade, Italian sodas, and Red Bull drinks. Enjoy locally sourced breakfast/lunch sandwiches, wraps, baked goods, and snacks from favorites like Blazing Bagels, Alki Bakery, Molly's Grown to Eat, and Sunrise Tacos. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free choices are available!

Food Menu

Updated March 18, 2024.

Hot Sandwiches & Wraps 

Our sandwiches and wraps are premade locally and heated for you to enjoy! Sandwiches and wraps come with your choice Cholula hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayo, and/or green or red salsa. 

The Cowboy Breakfast Sandwich - $6.50
Brioche Bun, breakfast sausage, cage-free scrambled egg, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo. Made by Molly's Grown to Eat. 730 cal.

Treehugger Breakfast Sandwich (vegetarian) - $5.99
Ciabatta bun, cage-free scrambled eggs, white cheddar cheese & arugula. Made by Molly's Grown to Eat. 300 cal.

El Compadre Wrap (vegan) - $8.50
Tortilla, roasted corn, black beans, vegan chorizo crumbles, bell peppers, chipotle mayo, cilantro & green leaf lettuce. Made by Molly's Grown to Eat. 570 cal.

Sriracha Sunrise Bacon Egg Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich - $6.50
Scrambled egg and bacon with a spicy sriracha mayo on Ciabatta. Made by Alki Bakery. 340 cal.

Truly Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwich (vegan) - $7.25
English muffin, JUST Egg™, Impossible™ sausage made from plants, vegan cheese & roasted garlic aoli. Made by Molly's grown to eat. 460 cal.

Breakfast Tacos

$4.99 each

Our breakfast tacos are premade locally by Sunrise Tacos, and heated for you to enjoy, with the option of red or green salsa. 

Sunbreak Taco (vegetarian) 
Eggs, potatoes & cheese on a flour tortilla.

Vashon Taco (vegan) 
Beans, soyrizo, onions & peppers on a flour tortilla.

Mt. Bakon Taco 
Eggs, potatoes, bacon & cheese on a flour tortilla. 

The Jack (gluten-free, vegetarian) 
Beans, eggs & cheese on a gluten-free corn tortilla.

Bagel Dogs 

$7.25 each

Our bagel dogs are beef hot dogs wrapped in the same dough used to make bagels. These are made locally by Blazing Bagels, heated in our oven for you to enjoy, and served with your choice of ketchup, mustard and/or mayo. Option to add your choice of cream cheese (+$1.50). 

Jalapeno Pepper Jack
Beef hot dog wrapped with bagel and  topped with melted jalapeno pepper jack cheese.

Pretzel (dairy-free)
Beef hot dog wrapped with pretzel bagel.

Cheddar Cheese 
Beef hot dog wrapped with plain bagel topped with melted cheddar cheese.

Bagels & Cream Cheese 

Bagels - $3.99
Our bagels (plain, everything, jalapeño pepper jack, cheddar, pizza, sesame, blueberry, cinnamon raisin) are made locally by Blazing Bagels, and toasted in our oven for you to enjoy.

Cream Cheese - $1.50
Bagels can be served with your choice of cream cheese (plain, vegan plain, dill pickle, berry, chive, garlic herb, jalapeno or berry)

Fresh Pastries

Our pastry selection are made locally and delivered fresh each morning. Pastry options may vary and usually run out by the end of the day. We can warm these in our oven for you if you'd like.

Croissants - $3.50

Plain, Almond, Chocolate

Danish - $4.50

Banana bread - $3.00

Pumpkin bread - $3.00

Muffins - $3.00
Berry, poppy seed, etc. 

Cinnamon Roll - $3.50

Cookies & Sweets

We have a variety of large prepackaged cookies, including vegan and gluten-free options. We're happy to warm up your cookie for you if you'd like. Options may vary but often include:

Blazing Bagels M&M Cookie - $3.50
Made locally by Blazing Bagels. 620 cal.

Lenny & Larry's plant-based protein cookies (vegan) - $3.50

These cookies are prepackaged and each contain 16g of protein and 420 cal.
- chocolate donut 
- birthday cake
- chocolate chip

Breakfast Cookies (vegan) - $2.50
Erin Baker's plant-based breakfast cookies, prepackaged.
- peanut butter - 320 cal, 8g protein, 6g fiber.
- oatmeal raisin - 300 cal, 6g protein, 6g fiber

PNW Cookie Co Cookies (vegan, gluten-free) - $3.50
- snickerdoodle
- peanut butter
- double chocolate

Seattle's Favorite Cookies - $2.75 
Prepackaged and made locally! 
- Peanut butter cookie, 440 cal
- White chocolate chip with macadamia nuts cookie, 430 cal
- Milk Chocolate Chip cookie, 430 cal
- Raspberry Muffin Top, 480 cal

Seattle's Favorite Muffin Tops - $3.25
- Chocolate Chip Muffin Top
- Creme Brulee Muffin Top

Marshmallow Crispy Bar - $2.75
A classic chewy sweet treat, Made by Best Maid Cookie Co. 4 oz, 140 cal.

Granola & Protein Bars

$3.25 each

Our granola bar options may vary. Options often include: 

Protein Pucks - whole food, plant-based energy (vegan, gluten-free)
- Mighty Moxie: peanut butter, cashews, cocoa, cinnamon, hemp seeds. 450 calories.
- Wanderlust: peanut butter, almonds, oats, cranberry, sunflower seeds. 470 calories.
- Daily Bliss: almond butter, agave, oats, pumpkin seeds, organic dark chocolate. 480 calories.

Lara Bars

Clif Bars

Natura Valley fruit & nut bars

Gatorade Protein Bars

Kind Bars

Autumn's Gold grain-free granola bars

Other foods

Cage-free hard boiled eggs - $3.00
Peeled and prepackaged in packs of 2 by Wilcox farms.

Honey sticks (gluten-free) - $1.00
Pure raw honey in a plastic tube to eat like candy or mix into your drink. 

- clover honey
- assorted flavors: watermelon, clover, orange, lemon, cinnamon, peach, ginger, green apple, blackberry, vanilla. 

Chips - $1.30
Single-serving chip bags. Options may vary but often include:
- Doritos(nacho cheese, cool ranch)
- Hawaiian kettle style potato chips (original, sweet Maui onion, Hulapeno)
- Cheetos
- Fritos 
- Lay's classic potato chips

Drink Menu

Full service coffee shop/espresso bar with italian sodas and red bull sodas too. Full menu coming soon!