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Takara Mixte Vintage Road Bike, Blue, 50cm/Small

Takara Mixte Vintage Road Bike, Blue, 50cm/Small

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This is a perfect bike for a small rider who wants a smooth, dependable bike to ride around the city without worrying about parking it outside for long periods of time. It is in great riding condition, and the older, worn frame will fool thieves into not thinking much of it. The step-through design and flat bars with conveniently placed shifters for a vintage bike are all about comfort. Combined with fenders, 3x6 gears ready to take on hills, and a back rack for panniers or a basket, this bike is ready to be a dependable bike to commute around the city, year-round. 

Fair condition blue Takara vintage road bike, fixed up and ready to ride. The step-through mixte design with a 26 inch stand-over height. Steel mixte road bike frame, made in Japan, with dark blue paint and gold accents, and extensive visible wear on the frame. 

Shimano tension shifters on the headset. Shimano 100GS front derailleur and shimano rear derailleur. Shimano Tourney rear caliper brakes, and Weinmann 610 front caliper brakes, both with fresh brake pads. Black Avocet touring seat with extensive wear. 

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