Bike tune ups - how often should I get one, and what's included?

Published on February 12th, 2024

We offer standard and full bicycle tune up services at our shop. Currently, a standard tune up is $120 and a full tune up is $175. You can find our complete and up-to-date price list here

How often should I get my bike tuned up?

The frequency of tuning up your bike depends on factors like how often you ride, the type of terrain, and weather conditions. As a general guideline, consider a tune-up every 6-12 months for regular riders and more frequently if you ride in challenging conditions (such as off-road riding, wet, muddy or other extreme weather conditions, or long distance riding) or notice issues with your bike's performance.

Regular maintenance, like cleaning and moderate lubricating, can be done more frequently, perhaps every 1-2 months, to keep you riding smooth and increase the longevity of your bike and its components. Pay attention to how your bike feels and sounds – if something seems off, it's best to address it promptly to avoid bigger issues! We can help you with smaller problems if anything comes up between tune ups. 

What's the difference between a standard and full tune up?

The main difference between the two is that a full tune-up includes an ultrasonic clean of the drivetrain, in which we use an ultrasonic cleaning tank, effectively removing dirt and grime from hard-to-reach areas, leading to smoother gear shifts, enhanced overall performance, and a longer lifespan for your bike components. You don't need it every time you get a tune-up, but if your bike has a fair amount of hard-to-clean buildup, this can definitely help.

What's included in a tune up?

We follow a pretty standard process for our bike tune-ups, although it can vary a bit depending on the bike and who's working on it. 
Here's our typical process:

  1. Cleaning:

    • Thorough cleaning of the bike, including the frame, and components.
    • Ultrasonic drivetrain clean as part of a full tune-up. This involves a disassembly and reassembly of the cassette, derailleurs, chain and crank and cleaning them in an ultrasonic tank. Not included in standard tune up, as noted above.
  2. Inspection:

    • A comprehensive check of the entire bike to identify any issues or potential problems.
  3. Adjustments:

    • Fine-tuning and adjusting various components to ensure proper functionality, including:
      • Gear shifting adjustments.
      • Brake adjustments for optimal stopping power.
      • Wheel truing to correct any wobbling or misalignment.
      • Hub and headset adjustments.
      • Tire pressure check and adjustment.
  4. Lubrication:

    • Applying lubrication to the chain, derailleurs, cables, and other moving parts to reduce friction and wear.
  5. Safety Check:

    • Checking and tightening bolts to ensure the bike is safe to ride.
    • Inspection of the frame and fork for any cracks or structural issues.
  6. Drive Train Inspection:

    • Checking the condition of the chain, cassette, and crankset for wear.
    • Chain lubrication or replacement if necessary.
  7. Wheel and Tire Inspection:

    • Checking tire condition and pressure.
    • Inspection of the rims for wear or damage.
  8. Brake System Inspection:

    • Checking brake pads for wear.
    • Adjusting or replacing brake cables if needed.
  9. Gearing System Inspection:

    • Checking the condition of the derailleurs, cables, and shifters.
  10. Worn-Out Parts Replacement:

    • Labor for replacing any worn-out parts is included in the tune-up price.
    • The cost of new parts needed is not included and will add to your total.
    • We will typically run the cost of additional parts by you before installing them, unless you have given the OK to install whatever is needed.
  11. Test Ride:

    • A short test ride to ensure that all adjustments are functioning correctly.
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