Winter Shadow Rider Gift Package

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A simple gift package that any cyclist will love!


Shadow Conspiracy Gloves feature a designer style print and a cozy fit, making them a stylish choice for a riding glove. Paired with the winter cyclist cap that not only covers the ears, but fits under any helmet as well at the bright 650 lumen Kryptonite front light, your favorite cyclist will love the upgrade of their winter riding experience.

Bright headlights make a great gift for any cyclist, as bikers are notorious for putting of buying a quality bright front light. Most cyclists are riding with a light somewhere between 10-100 lumens, or even no lights at all! This will ensure that your friend of loved one will not only be seen, but increases their visibility of roads and trails, especially at intersections!

  • Shadow Conspiracy Gloves

The Shadow Conspire Glove is our ultimate glove, combining all the tech, materials and design that have been the hallmark of Shadow Riding Gear. Built around lightweight synthetic leather construction with ultimate flexibility and feel, the Conspire Gloves also have a silicone palm print for maximum grip control. The Slim Tech Cuff, featuring a minimal hook and loop closure, Coffin integrated pull tab, and stretch neoprene, all work together to give the Conspire Glove the look and feel of a slip on glove with added security and adjustability of traditional closure gloves.

  • Kryptonite Alley F-650

  1. USB rechargeable 650 lumen headlight
  2. 6 modes per light, High steady, Medium steady, Low steady, Daylight pulse, Nitelight pulse and Economic Flash
  3. Side illumination ports allow cyclist to be seen when riding across traffic lanes  
  • Louis Garneau Winter Cap

The toes, the fingers, the ears, and the forehead—of all the exposed places on our bodies, these are the most vulnerable to the cold during winter base miles. Louis Garneau's Winter Cap covers half of them, making it indispensable when the temperatures fall for the year.