Winter Forest Rider Gift Pack

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Awesome Gift Package that even a seasoned cyclist that 'has it all' will love!

This Winter Forest Rider Gift Pack includes:

  • Brooks Foldable Helmet in Forest Green

The collapsible design is great for summer and winter. In the summer time, the helmet gets great airlow. In the winter, is flexible enough to allow for a winter hat or cycling cap to fit underneath!

Not sure what size to get?

S/M is a great fit for those with a smaller frame/thin body type!

M/L is a great middle of the road fit, fits a medium frame person!

L/XL is the choice for taller/larger frame body types!

Each size has a give to it, can be adjusted to be tighter or looser depending on the user!

  • Omamori Hand Painted Talisman Bell - "Luck"

Every cyclist could benefit from a lucky talisman!

  • Fizik Bondcush Tacky Bar Tape - 3mm in Red

Great for road bikes with drop bars! The 3mm bar tape is super squishy and comfortable!

  • MKS pedals in Gold

Fits any standard bike, MKS pedals look great on a road bike, and are a popular stylish pedal that many cyclists love.

  • Gem Red Hand Pump- Presta/Schrader

Sleek design, fits underneath a water bottle on the frame of the bike for easy traveling. The short dual piston pump has a high pressure air switch and reversible internal head for both Presta and Schrader Valves.