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So stylish and cool, I am a cyclist myself, and I would LOVE THIS PRESENT! (Buy it for me?) Jk.

  • Brooks Dalston Knapsack

Quality design and materials never go out of style. These are the very things on which Brooks has built a reputation. The Dalston backpack carries this tradition with classic styling and durable, high-quality construction that will stand the test of time.

Learn more about all its features:

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  • Black Ops T-Bar Pedals in Magenta

Durable Nylon+Fiber body, looks awesome.

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  • Oury Lock on Grips in Smoky Grey
  1. Incredible update to the cult classic Oury Grip
  2. Updated length and design with the same vibration absorbing blocks
  3. Super soft rubber compound providing grip and cushion
  4. New colors to compliment your ride