Silver Night Rider Gift Package

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This is a great gift for a new or seasoned rider!

The warm cyclist cap is an essential gift for winter riders, with the hat fitting nicely under any helmet. As the days get shorter, and more cyclists find themselves biking at night, the bright 500 lumen light makes a huge difference in visibility. Most cyclists rarely invest in a high quality light for themselves, usually settling for a basic 20-100 lumen light just to get by. That's why bright headlights make a great gift!

The gloves are a sleek addition to the gift because their unique stylish design has added reflective visibility, and the gloves can be layered with a thin winter glove, or worn alone in the spring/summer!

Finally, the water bottle will ensure that your favorite cyclist is well hydrated on the road or trails!

  • 100% Sling Short Finger Glove

Makes a great stylish glove, for layering in the winter time, with a soft winter glove, or wearing on their own for a sleek spring/summer glove!

  • Kryptonite Street F-500
  1. USB rechargeable 500 lumen headlight
  2. 6 modes per light: High Steady, Medium Steady, Low Steady, Daylight Pulse, Nitelight Pulse and Economic Flash
  3. Side illumination ports allow cyclist to be seen when riding across traffic lanes

  • Origin 8 Black and White 20 ounce water bottle
Super cool design, simple colors match many different bikes, and BPA free, what a bottle!
  1. Lightweight and pliable LDPE bottle
  2. Ultra-soft silicone high flow pressure valve
  3. Tasteless and odorless

  • Louis Garneau Winter Cap

The toes, the fingers, the ears, and the forehead—of all the exposed places on our bodies, these are the most vulnerable to the cold during winter base miles. Louis Garneau's Winter Cap covers half of them, making it indispensable when the temperatures fall for the year.