Reindeer Got Ran Over By Grandma Gift Package

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When I look at this collection, I imagine how cool it would be if my mom or grandma was a cyclist. If she was, I would definitely get her this gift!

Classy and functional, this is a great gift for anyone who loves everything flowers and hearts. <3


  • 100% Sling Short Finger in Blue

Makes a great stylish glove, for layering in the winter time, with a soft winter glove, or wearing on their own for a sleek spring/summer glove!

  • Flower Power Cycling Cap

Keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter while on your bike can make for a much more enjoyable training ride or road race. Headsweats’ cycling caps are designed to fit perfectly under your helmet, keeping the sweat out of your eyes and regulating the temperature of your body with moisture wicking fabric.

  • Heartthrob USB Tail light

Perfect for cruisers, kids bikes or anyone that is feeling the love and desires a little extra flair on their ride