Lucky Duck Rider Gift Package

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    A great gift if you are looking for something that has it all: functional bike accessories, stylish designs, and a meaningful hand painted gift- it all comes together to be a great gift.
    • Omamori Hand Painted Talisman Bell - "Luck"

    Every cyclist could benefit from a lucky talisman!

    • Fizik Bondcush Tacky Bar Tape - 3mm in Red

    Great for road bikes with drop bars! The 3mm bar tape is super squishy and comfortable!

    • MKS pedals in Gold

    Fits any standard bike, MKS pedals look great on a road bike, and are a popular stylish pedal that many cyclists love.

    • Gem Red Hand Pump- Presta/Schrader

    Sleek design, fits underneath a water bottle on the frame of the bike for easy traveling. The short dual piston pump has a high pressure air switch and reversible internal head for both Presta and Schrader Valves.