Kryptonite Alley F-800

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Bright headlights make great gifts for Cyclists!
Did you know that most cyclists are riding around with front lights around 20-100 lumens?
..While it is great to have some level of visibility on your bike, most standard bicycle lights with 20-100 lumen power are nor bright enough to light up the path or ahead, or compete with the brightness of car headlights.
While a cyclist may want a bright light, not just for visibility, but for better view of the road or trail at night- most cyclists are usually less inclined to make the leap to upgrade to a higher lumen level light for themselves.
These 800 lumen lights make such a great gift for that reason!
Whether a cyclist is a beginner or seasoned biker an upgrade on a front light will always make for a better, safer biking experience!
Upgrade your friend or loved one to a better biking experience with this gift, and they will surely thank you!
  • USB rechargeable
  • 800 lumen headlight
  • 6 modes per light, High steady, Medium steady, Low steady, Daylight pulse, Nitelight pulse and Economic Flash
  • Memory Function-Light turns on at the last mode it was turned off
  • Power saving function- 10% power or less, lights will automatically switch to lowest lumen output
  • Built in battery indicator- Red illumination = lower than 25%, Yellow = 50% - 25%, Green = fully charged
  • Side illumination ports allow cyclist to be seen when riding across traffic lanes
Color: Black Modes: 6
Front/Rear: Front Mount: Adjustable Strap
Rechargable: USB Max Lumens: 800
Lumen Search Range: 701-900