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*Update as of July 21,2020: Most of the new bikes PIM purchases for customers through Pure Cycles and Marin are out of stock, or on a fairly long back order. Some selection of Marin bikes are available, but its a very limited selection, so be sure to check their website thoroughly to see if the bike you want is in stock. 

If it is not listed as in stock, it is unavailable in our store. We do not have an in-store new bike selection, we order bikes directly from the distributor and ship them to our store and assemble them for our customers.

In this time of new bike shortage, if you would like to order a bike directly from a seller, and have it shipped to our store to be assembled and tuned, we are happy to help you with that! Just give us a call or email if you are planning to ship a bike to our store for assembly and we will have it waiting for you from our store! Email us at: or call us at (206) 784-2097.

The one distributor we have been selling this summer successfully is the Propella Electric bike. If you make an order for a Propella bike today, there is generally about a 2-3 month back order period you will wait for your bike. Pre-orders are filled and shipped in the order that they are recieved. Propella electric bikes come in single speed and multispeed and use a lightweight electric assist. They are lightweight, affordable, and simply great bikes!

Preorder your propella electric bike now:

Email or call: or (206) 784-2097




PIM is a distributor for 3 types of high quality, high performance, affordable bikes from brands we trust.

At the bottom of the page are links to the bike brands we carry: Marin, Pure Cycles, and Propella.

Call our shop at (206) 784-2097 and we can assist you in ordering a bike, or stop in and place an order at the PIM Seattle Store.

When you purchase a bike in our store or by phone through PIM, we will place the order for you, assemble it, and tune it up for you for free! New bikes may also be assembled and delivered at no cost to those living within a 5 mile radius of the PIM Seattle Store.

Feel free to browse the selection of bikes that we carry, and be sure to call us at (206) 784-2097 to make an order.

Prices of new bikes through PIM are the same as prices listed on the Bike Manufacturer's website. Shipping costs are also free, on us.

Expect new bikes to take around 7-10 business days from phone order to pick up at our Seattle store in Ballard/Fremont, or you can arrange to have it dropped off at your home, using our free delivery service for those who live within a 5 mile radius around the store. 

Whether you choose to have your new bike dropped off, or you pick it up at the store, once we order your bike, one of our professional mechanics will assemble, tune up, and prepare your bike for racing and riding! 


Enjoy browsing the selection of bike brands we carry by clicking the links below...

From mountain bikes to single speed bikes, sport bikes to comfort bikes, hybrid bikes to commuter bikes, adventure bikes to electric assist bikes, there are bikes of a style and price point for everyone!